WorldMusic and Jazz – Booking, Touring & Management Agency – Paris & Cotonou

Telser SARL is a Jazz and WorldMusic Booking Agency. As an international marketing company, based in France and sister to CybearSonic’s unLabel, we specialize in the booking, promotion and management of tours for artists, who represent the highest level of musical and artistic expression in their respective genres, mainly WorldMusic and Jazz as of today.
Our large network and many connections in Africa allow us to build a unique French and international roster of artists, step by step.

logo Telser

Telser’s foundation is based upon respect for the world’s music, traditions and arts, with a desire to contribute to the cultural growth and awareness of the the global community and worldwide audience.

Our goal is to create a new/different way of being an agency in the music business. Booking upcoming or established artists is always a great adventure and we are working hard to offer them the necessary freedom to help develop their full potential.
At the same time, we focus on allowing a full cultural and artistic exchange amongst music enthusiasts worldwide.

Artists’ Catalogue – Available for booking: 2015-2016

Listen to our artists on our SoundCloud page.

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